This portal will connect you to the community organizations working on the East Side of Saint Paul. You can click on the tabs above for links to those organizations, and for information about the East Side Social Leaders Action Network (ESLAN). Below, you can view the documentary videos created in collaboration with Twin Cities Public Television, which premiered on TPT-MN in October 2010.

Building Community on the East Side (26 min.)
Large (624x352)      Medium (480x360)      Small (320x240)
This documentary looks at examples of how various organizations on the East Side are bringing people together to identify and solve problems, and to build a sense of community.
East Side Pride: An Inter-Generational Dialogue (25 min.)
Large (624x352)      Medium (480x360)      Small (320x240)
In this documentary, long- and short-term Eastsiders of all ages and backgrounds are brought together to talk about their lives and experiences on the East Side of Saint Paul.
A Nickel Tour of the East Side (22 min.)
Large (624x352)      Medium (480x360)      Small (320x240)
Take a virtual tour of the East Side with this additional footage.