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Group internships have been developed by faculty and offer students field experience and community or professional involvement while providing faculty-led seminars for discussion and reflection. These internships are listed in the Class Schedule under the appropriate academic heading. Students participating in group internships do not complete and submit the Internship Agreement that is required for individual internships. For more complete information and/or registration procedures on these internships, contact the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship at 651-793-1285, community.engagement@metrostate.edu, or contact your department chair directly.

Note: This is just a sample and not all the following internships are available each semester; check the Class Schedule under the appropriate academic heading for current offerings.

ARTS-302 -41 Exhibition Practices: Group Internship Designed to give students an opportunity to learn about the basic functions and day to day operations of an educational art gallery. Students will assist in the installation and dismantling of various exhibitions, featuring numerous forms of art. In doing so, students will gather practical knowledge about handling and lighting artwork, creating didactics, generating and distributing publicity, working with artists and creating corresponding programming. This knowledge should qualify a student to apply for entry level positions at other exhibition facilities, create groundwork for additional coursework in Museum Studies, and/or prepare students to mount exhibitions of their own in a professional manner. Variable meeting times. Contact instructor for details prior to registering. S/N grading only.

CJS-377 -41 Criminal Justice Practicum Designed to provide a way for students to earn academic credit in connection with an internship at a criminal justice organization. See: www.cjs-377.net for sample internship opportunities or
: susan.hilal@metrostate.edu. Coursework is completed over D2L.

INFS-335 -41 Youth Participation and Teen Literature Designed to give students an opportunity to learn about facilitation of youth participation and engagement programs, explore the body of current and emerging genres and titles within the Young Adult Literature canon, and meet and interact with local and national authors and members of the publishing community. Students will regularly attend monthly meetings of the nationally recognized Teens Know Best teen review group and work extensively with the ongoing review blog produced by the group. Prerequisite: Students have completed Literature 332: Adolescent Literatures with a B+ or better and must have approval of the instructor to verify that student can attend all scheduled meetings for that semester. S/N grading only.

PSYC-399 -41 Applied Psychology Research Internship Designed for students interested in doing research in community agencies or other settings which meet requirements for the psychology major; or in working as assistants in the Saint Paul Campus Psychology Lab. Special topics or internships settings are in the Class Schedule. 

SSCI-365 -41 Social Science Internship: Leadership in Organizations and Public Life Designed for students to gain experience in applied social science while working as an intern in a non-profit or community-based organization, the public sector, or a social action group. Prior to registering, students meet with the instructor to select their specific internship project. Students supplement their specific field experience with participation in the group internship seminar which meets five times during the semester. Through this combination of extensive community-based experience and guided reading, writing and analysis, students develop their ability to integrate social science theory with community-based experience.

WRIT-392 -41 Literacy Corps Group Internship: Literacy Tutors Designed to help improve reading levels and to rekindle children's interest in reading, as well as educate Metropolitan State interns in literacy and community service. Interns are paired with children as tutors in inner-city sites, including elementary schools and libraries, where they work directly with children facing significant language and literacy challenges. Interns also participate in a training session and a reflective seminar, which includes reading about literacy and service, keeping a journal, and writing a reflective essay. 


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