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Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allow high school juniors and seniors to receive college credit by taking courses at a post-secondary institution or in a high school setting (College in the Schools) taught by a university faculty member.  Metropolitan State's Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship houses the College in the Schools program for PSEO. Introductory classes are offered at Harding, Humboldt, Columbia Heights, Johnson and Edison high schools.

College in the Schools Classes Include:

Introduction to Criminal Justice - 3 semester credits
As an introduction to the field of criminal justice, this course provides students with a brief but comprehensive overview of the criminal justice institutions in American society. Students learn about the role of the criminal justice system in maintaining social order. The course also examines the duties and functions of criminal justice practitioners, including police officers, prosecutors, judges, and correctional officials, from the initial violation of the criminal laws, to the punishment and release of convicted offenders.

Introduction to Urban Education 4 semester credits
This course provides an overview of the framework of the effective practice standards in urban education. Research, key issues, best practices and case studies on empowering teaching and learning in the urban environment are covered. Core topics include: resiliency, closing the achievement gap, educational equity, diversity, demographics of urban communities, a working understanding of poverty, using the community as a resource, implementing high standards of student achievement, and classroom teachers as leaders for educational reform and change. Field experience hours are part of the course requirements.

Careers in Criminal Justice - 3 semester credits
This course introduces students to an array of career paths taken by criminal justice students throughout the public, private, and non-profits sectors. The course broadens students' understanding of the direct and indirect criminal justice professional opportunities through presentations by professionals in the field and research of possible career choices. This course also focuses on the selection process, including resume development and job interviewing.

College in the Schools (PSEO) Eligibility Standards
PSEO participation is available to high school students enrolled through a Minnesota high school, home school, or alternative learning center who present evidence of the ability to perform college-level work. Such evidence includes the following:

  • A junior must rank in the upper one-third of their class or a score at or above the 70th percentile on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test.
  • A senior must rank in the upper one-half of their class or a score at or above the 50th percentile on a nationally standardized, norm referenced test.
  • A student who is in the 10th grade and has attained a passing score on the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment in reading and meets the other course prerequisites or course enrollment standards established by the Metropolitan State University, including but not limited to assessment test scores, program admission, or other requirements, may enroll in a career or technical education course at a system college.
  • Students meeting the above criteria may enroll in one or more of the courses Metropolitan State offers at their high school.
  • An exception to the above criteria may be approved by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs based on a signed statement by the high school principal or other authorized school official indicating that the student could benefit from college courses and recommended for enrollment.
College in the Schools (PSEO) Enrollment Procedures:
  • Students meeting the enrollment criteria, and registering for a Metropolitan State course, must complete the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form (available through the high schools), and submit the signed copy to the High School PSEO representative.
  • The High School PSEO Representative completes section 2 of the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form verifying that the student meets the qualifications required, or goes through the exception procedure.
  • The High School submits the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form to Metropolitan State's Assistant Registrar, on or before the date stipulated.
  • Once the students are enrolled and registered a class roster will be created.

Post Secondary Enrollment Options are also available for high school students through on-site (university) classes. Contact Metropolitan State's Admission's Office for more information on the PSEO program at 651-793-1302.

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