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Emergency Preparedness

Campus Alerts

There are no alerts or campus closures in effect at this time. In the event of a weather-related situation or campus incident, look here for regular updates.


Dial Administrative Affairs 24-hour answering service at 651-793-1700 for Safety and Security Information.


R U Ready?

Protecting Metropolitan State students, employees, guests and property is a shared responsibility of the entire university community. We can prepare ourselves for emergencies by taking simple steps such as:

  • reading and reviewing the information below 
  • becoming informed about emergency plans and procedures
  • getting involved in campus preparation

These proactive tips create a culture of preparedness and can help save lives and property.


The following information can help you during emergencies or other situations that could occur when you are on campus.  These plans do not cover all possible emergencies and the community should exercise a heightened sense of awareness.  Contact campus Safety Officers or the police with any safety issues.


Important Links:  

  • Class Cancellation and Closing Procedures (pdf) 
    In the event of adverse weather conditions, this policy outlines the university closing procedure.
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures - Severe Weather, Fire and Chemical (pdf)
    These procedures outline the evacuation plans for several emergency situations. 
    • Tornado Warnings: on all campuses, a Public Address announcement will direct everyone to interior hallways on the lowest floors until an all clear is given.
    • Fire Emergency:  immediately pull the closest Fire Pull Station in your area, inform others and evacuate the buildings.
    • Chemical Emergency
  • Bomb Threats (pdf) 
    Immediately notify the Safety Office with information received from the caller, email, or letter and remain calm.  Do not evacuate the building until directed by campus or other emergency officials.
  • Lock Down and Active Shooter (pdf) 
    If you are able to safely leave the building, do so immediately.  If you are not able to leave, lock or barricade your door, call 9-911 on campus phones or 911 on cell phones and report your location and other information relevant to the incident.  Remain in the secured area until directed otherwise by emergency  officials.
  • Emergency Public & Address Notifications System (pdf)
    Public Address systems have been installed at all campuses so information and instructions relevant to notifying the university before, during and after incidents can be announced.  See sample notifications link below.
  • Classroom Emergency and Safety (Web site)
    This safety information offers tips for dealing with hostile, abusive or angry behavior in classrooms.
  • Metropolitan State University Minneapolis Campus (Web Site)
    Plans and preparation information for the Metropolitan State community on our Minneapolis Campus are coordinated by the Public Safety Office at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) and can be found below.

Medical Emergencies 

Call 9-911 on campus phones or 911 on cell phones and report the emergency to the dispatch operator.  Include the nature of the medical emergency, location information including building, floor and room.  Then inform the campus Safety Officer, so he/she can direct someone to meet the ambulance and respond to the medical emergency.


Security & Safety Numbers

Saint Paul Security Officer's
cell phone (651) 775-0444,
desk phone (651) 793-1717

Saint Paul Library Officer's
cell phone (651) 775-0715 

Minneapolis Campus Security Officer's
cell phone (612) 659-6910
emergency (612) 659-6900


Midway Security Officer's evening
cell phone (651) 775-6122


Administrative Affairs 24 hour answering service
(651) 793-1700

Thomas R. Maida, MPA
Director of Public Safety
Metropolitan State University
700 E. Seventh Sreet
Saint Paul,  MN   55106-5000
Office:  (651) 793-1725
Fax:  (651) 793-1718


For Safety and Security Information

Brooklyn Park - Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center Minneapolis Campus Midway Center Saint Paul Campus Saint Paul Campus