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The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest in the university, is home to academic disciplines that address the core knowledge of a university education. The arts and science courses offered by faculty in the college are aimed at strengthening basic skills in writing, speaking, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning that are necessary for success in higher education and work.

The arts include writing, speaking and other forms of self expression, communication and persuasion.

The sciences include knowledge of the natural world and human civilization, as well as an understanding of human nature and the physical, biological and social forces that account for our diverse world.

In a world in which change has become rapid and inevitable, a solid foundation in the arts and sciences is a practical necessity.

Explore the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Booklet (currently under revision) or visit our Department and Programs page to learn more.

Contact Information

The College of Arts and Sciences is located at the Saint Paul campus in St. Johns Hall.

Tel: 651-793-1440
Fax: 651-793-1446
TTY: 651-772-7687

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