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Computer science is the study of systematic approaches for the design and development of application systems that support the functioning of core industries and services and the theory that underpins these techniques. The theoretical issues range from algorithms and data structures that can be readily applied to develop programs to far more abstract questions such as what is computable and the fundamental questions regarding computing efficiency. The field also studies the software and hardware approaches for the design of computer systems.

The BS program in Computer Science is so designed that at the time of graduation, all students will have the following skills:

  • A good foundation in the field through a set of core courses in the discipline, including programming and data structures, hardware and software architecture, software system design, and computing theory.
  • A good footing in essential mathematical tools such as discrete mathematics and calculus.
  • The ability to work in group projects and communicate well via written and oral presentations.
  • Knowledge of the ethical and societal issues in computing.
  • A strong knowledge in an object-oriented language and a working knowledge in at least one other language.

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