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Besides the regular coursework offered in the traditional and online formats, the Information and Computer Sciences department provides the following approaches to help students gain knowledge in the field:


If you have gained experience that is equivalent to a college course, you can get college credit via what are loosely termed "priors." More information on priors is found on the prior learning criteria page, and you should talk to your advisor about your situation.

Student Designed Independent Study (SDIS)

Since Computer Science is a fast-changing field, you might want to gain knowledge on an emerging topic or learn some specific topic more deeply. For this, the Student Designed Independent Study (SDIS) is an appropriate learning strategy. Please visit the SDIS web page for more information and the registration form.

Faculty Designed Independent Study

The department faculty routinely offers courses using this format where a faculty member designs a syllabus for independent study by students. ICS 381 and ICS 390 are usually offered in this format.


Doing an internship is an excellent way to obtain practical experience while still pursuing a major in the ICS department. In the CS and CIS undergraduate programs, students can get up to 4 elective credits in the Group 2 category. From time to time, the department receives notifications of internship opportunities, which are posted and announced in classes. You might also want to find internships on your own. If you have questions, please contact the department 651-793-1475 and/or visit the internship office.

After finding an internship opportunity, the student needs to go to the Internship Office at and get a package. The student must then find a faculty member who is willing to work with him/her on the internship. After completing this step, the student can register for the internship.

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