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Policy on Gaining Credit for Prior Learning in Information and Computer Sciences

Students pursuing degrees in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems may fulfill major requirements and prerequisites by taking courses at Metropolitan State, transferring equivalent courses, evaluation of prior learning or waiver. Prior experience in computer literacy, word processing, spreadsheets, and most applications packages will not be evaluated for college credit. A theory seminar version of ICS 125 Understanding and Using the Internet provides a non-classroom option for earning credit for Internet-related learning. Major requirements for computer literacy and proficiency in using applications software can often be waived. Students should consult their assigned advisors to discuss waivers.

Upon admission to the university, those students who have expressed interests in either a Computer Science or a Computer Information Systems major will receive a written evaluation of their transfer credits as they apply to the major. If such an evaluation has not been provided, any student can obtain one by asking his or her advisor to request one from the Information and Computer Sciences Department. Because the advisor must provide pertinent information, all such requests should be made via an advisor.

Students who have achieved college-level learning in computing prior to entering the university can request an evaluation of prior learning. To be eligible for college credit, learning must include both theoretical and applied knowledge. Students should begin the process of prior evaluation by attending an alternative learning strategies workshop or course, discussing their ideas with their advisors, and filling out a prior evaluation proposal form. At this point, the advisor can guide the student to an appropriate evaluator. All evaluators for prior learning must have collegiate experience in teaching the subject being evaluated and must be approved by the Information and Computer Sciences Department. An evaluator may require any form of documentation of prior learning including, but not limited to: tests, design documentation, program code or certificates. An oral interview is required.

In many cases, lower division requirements can be waived with the presentation of suitable documentation of prior learning. This is particularly true of lower division programming courses. Waivers do not lead to college credit. Options should be discussed with the student's assigned advisor.

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