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Tammy Durant

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Our department offers a forum on Facebook for you to discuss and discover events in literature, humanities, and the arts both at Metro State and in the Twin Cities, as well as to find out about what’s happening for those choosing a field in literature or the humanities as a profession.  We’ll keep you posted about department news as well as about new courses that might interest you or fit your program.  Please like us here:

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Prepare for a career in writing, editing, publishing, advertising, law, education, or business. Enhance your written and oral communication skills. You can accomplish these goals with a degree in English.

You will learn in a program that values diverse students and serves all. We offer excellent courses in the literary classics, as well as in women's literature, African-American literature, and working-class literature.

You will also:

  • Be prepared for graduate studies in many fields. Our courses "Contemporary Literary Theory" and "Senior Capstone Seminar" help prepare you for the demands of graduate school.
  • Study the foundations of modern literature in our Shakespeare course.
  • Explore environmental issues in our American Nature Writing course.
  • Become familiar with the trends of postmodernism.
  • Examine race, class, and gender issues in many of our courses.
  • Study the history of the English language and understand how language shapes the way we live and think.
  • Learn with instructors who bring to the English classroom their knowledge in many disciplines, including literature, linguistics, the humanities, and the arts.
  • Be supported in your studies. We make special efforts to retain first-year students and busy adults. Our instructors are trained to help working-class students succeed.

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