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Q. What is the Metro Shakespeare Group (MSG)?
A. MSG is an organization devoted to the appreciation of William Shakespeare.
Q. What does the group do?
A. About twice a year, the group meets to experience Shakespeare together, which usually means taking in a local production of one of his plays. Dr. Moe typically organizes a pre-play discussion on the day of the performance; there he previews the play and facilitates a question-and-answer session about it, in order to deepen the theatrical experience the group is about to share. Sometimes MSG gets the opportunity to meet and question members of the cast and artistic staff after a performance.
Q. How large is the group?
A. In recent years MSG ticket sales have been generally above 100 per production; the largest MSG group included 185 participants. Usually about half of those buying tickets join in the pre-play discussions.
Q. What does it cost?
A. There are no dues or general fees of any type, just the cost of tickets. Working directly with group sales offices of the various local theaters, Dr. Moe reserves blocks of tickets for each production the group attends, negotiating for discounted rates. Participants then order their tickets directly from him. MSG usually gets a reduction of 33% to 60% off the standard ticket prices. In recent years, single tickets obtained through MSG have ranged from $6 to $15 each (for seats normally sold from $9 to $37). There are no charges for the pre-play discussions. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and parking.
Q. Who can participate?
A. Every member of the Metro State community is most cordially welcome to join in whenever possible. Active participants include current students, alumni, staff, faculty, and administrators, along with assorted spouses, partners, friends, parents, and children.
Q. How does someone get involved, or learn more about MSG?
A. Call or write: Dr. Lawrence Moe Metropolitan State University 700 E. Seventh Street St. Paul, MN 55106-5000 (651) 793-1429 Lawrence.Moe@metrostate.edu

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