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Natural Sciences Departmental Policy on Student Designed Independent Studies (SDIS)

Most courses in the natural sciences have an essential laboratory component which must, for safety reasons, be done in a classroom or laboratory setting. For this reason, student designed independent study in these disciplines is rare and takes place only under the following conditions:

  • The student must have completed at least one science course at Metropolitan State with a grade of B or above.
  • The student must be an admitted Metropolitan State student.
  • The SDIS proposal must be approved by the department head before the student registers.
  • The SDIS instructor must be a member of Natural Sciences Department faculty, resident or community; or hold a PhD in the discipline and have collegiate experience teaching the subject and be approved by the department head.

Note also that:

  • An SDIS cannot be used to meet the General Education Goal III Natural Science requirement.
  • Students are reminded that an SDIS is intended to be truly independent study and not a tutorial.

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