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Literature and Language department offers a forum on Facebook for you to discuss and discover events in literature, humanities, and the arts both at Metro State and in the Twin Cities, as well as to find out about what’s happening for those choosing a field in literature or the humanities as a profession.  We’ll keep you posted about department news as well as about new courses that might interest you or fit your program.  Please like us here:

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Inspire students to love writing and reading literature. Prepare for a Minnesota English Teaching License, while you enhance your teaching skills and content knowledge. You will accomplish these goals with a degree in English Teaching. Teach 5th-8th graders and 9th-12th graders to explore writing, reading, literature, speech communication, and media literacy. While completing the English Teaching BS and Urban Secondary Education Licensure, you will also:

  • Explore the writing process, composition theory, and effective methods for teaching secondary students to write in different genres.
  • Gain skills in teaching reading theory, reading comprehension, and text interpretation and evaluation.
  • Learn how to teach the aesthetics of fiction, drama, and poetry and to help secondary students understand literature in its historical and cultural contexts.
  • Explore the area of speech communication, including verbal and nonverbal speech, listening skills, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.
  • Learn how to teach media literacy, including the effects of electronic media on communication.
  • Gain skills in applying teaching theory and instructional strategies that truly meet students’ needs.

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