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Share your passion for science with young students. Prepare for a Minnesota Science Teaching License with Life Science Specialty. Gain a foundation in the biological, physical and earth sciences. You will accomplish these goals and more with a degree in Life Sciences Teaching. Upon completion of the Life Sciences Teaching BS and Urban Secondary Education Licensure, you will also:

  • Gain certification to teach all science areas to 5th-8th graders, including earth science and physical science. And, gain certification to teach life science classes—biology, environmental science, integrated science—to 9th-12th graders.
  • Practice active hands-on scientific inquiry through lab experiments, field study, and computerized analysis of data.
  • Explore science teaching that actively engage students through inquiry activities, experimentation, projects, exploration of issues, and technology use.
  • Develop skills in planning instruction, guiding learning, and assessing student performance.

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