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Masters Only Track for Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioners (WHCNP)

After much consideration, this program has suspended admissions as advanced practice nursing moves towards education at a doctoral level.

The Department of Nursing, through a cooperative agreement with Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/South Dakota (PPM/SD), offers a master's degree-completion opportunity to Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioners (WHCNP) who are certified through PPM/SD since 1993 or later (without selecting a new role option). In addition to the MSN admission requirements, students must retain a Women's Health Planned Parenthood Certificate.

To earn the MSN degree, the Master's Only WHCNP student must complete 26 semester credits distributed in the areas below. No clinical practica hours are required. The specific courses that meet these requirements are listed below.

Core Course Requirements (13 credits)

Nursing and Supporting Course Requirements (11 credits)

End of Program Experience

Total Master's Only WHCNP Track Credits: 26 credits

Additional requirements for the Master of Science in Nursing