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Applied Mathematics Major BS

Given the impact of technology on every aspect of people's lives, mathematics is a critical discipline for the present as well as future generations of students. Technology is based on science, and the most successful science is based on mathematical ideas. In learning mathematics and its applications, students learn not only the language of nature, but the archetype of reasoning on which today's scientific and technological society is based.

The Mathematics Department offers a solid, flexible and innovative program in applied mathematics. Through the opening of bridges to other disciplines and a focus on topics and problems cutting across various subject fields, the mathematics major integrates both depth and breadth, providing the student with tools for success in the workforce and a solid basis for further studies in mathematics.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Applied Mathematics major, students must pass and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in MATH 210, MATH 211, and STAT 201. When this requirement is satisfied, students must submit a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program Declaration Form for Applied Mathematics Major. Consult with an advisor before enrolling in courses toward the major.


Requirements (48 total credits)

Foundation Courses (20 credits)

Core Courses (24 credits)

Electives (4 credits)

Or other upper division mathematics course with consent of advisor