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Computer Application Development BAS

Metropolitan State's Computer Application Development (CApp) major provides a foundation of the conceptual and practical knowledge in the various aspects of application design and implementation. Course work to develop analytical and problem-solving skills is complemented by an experiential component. The CApp major enables students to become developers who can deploy appropriate technology to solve problems in businesses and organizations. Individuals with strong backgrounds of technical and analytical skills, effective communication abilities, and project development knowledge are in demand as the information needs of the world continue to grow. CApp majors can go on to pursue careers as web developers, database application developers, enterprise application developers, and general application programmers.

Program Outcomes

A student graduating from the program will have the ability to:

  1. program in several modern high-level and special-purpose languages (including an object-oriented language, web-related languages (client and server), and SQL) to implement a computer-based system, component, or program to meet desired needs, working either independently or in groups
  2. use state-of-the art tools and technologies and best programming practices and standards in the development of applications
  3. use current computing knowledge, techniques, skills, and software tools to analyze a problem, determine and document user needs, create an effective project plan, and document program design and implementation
  4. effectively add a solution into an already-existing user environment
  5. better assimilate into professional working environments and conduct themselves professionally
  6. engage in continuing professional development, including the learning of new general-purpose and special-purpose programming languages independently
  7. analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.

Acceptance to the Program

The program admits a limited number of students every summer. To be eligible for acceptance to the Computer Application Development major, students must submit a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program Declaration Form when the following is completed:

  1. Received an AS in Computer Science or AAS in Computer Programming from approved programs. (Contact the department for the list.) or
  2. Completed the following courses (with a grade of C- or better for all MATH and ICS courses)

    Students who do not meet the requirements above or are on academic probation will not be accepted to the major. Students not accepted to the major will not be allowed to take upper-division ICS courses.

    Other Program Requirements (At least 40 credits)

    Lower-Division/Upper-Division Elective Courses

    A minimum of 20 semester credits of major requirements must be completed at Metropolitan State. At least 24 credits of coursework must be completed at the upper division.

    A class used to meet program requirements cannot be used as an elective.