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English Teaching Major BS

(Communication Arts and Literature Licensure Grades 5-12)

Students usually enroll in the English Teaching Major as part of a larger program leading to teaching licensure in communications, arts, and literature for grades 5-12.

The English teaching major includes study in the following disciplines:

  • Writing--the writing process, composition theory, and effective methods for teaching secondary students to write in different genres for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • Reading--reading theory, the nature of reading comprehension, and student responses to interpreting and evaluating texts;
  • Literature--the aesthetic dimensions of literature with a focus on helping secondary students to understand literature in various historical and cultural contexts;
  • Speech communication--verbal and nonverbal speech processes, listening skills, public speaking and interpersonal communication; and
  • Media literacy--print and non-print media, and the effects of various electronic media on the communication process.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the English Teaching major (Grades 5-12), students must submit a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program Declaration Form when they have completed all of the requirements from the Guide to Admission in the Urban Teacher Program.

Major Requirements


(These credits do not count toward the major.)

  1. COMM 103 Public Speaking
  2. WRIT 121 Writing I Intensive or WRIT 131 Writing I or
    WRIT 132 Written and Visual Communication
  3. WRIT 231 Writing II or WRIT 261 Business Writing or
    WRIT 271 Technical Writing

Content Area Courses (32 + credits)

Completing 8 or more credits from among any of the following courses is required for admission into the Urban Teacher Program (UTP). Students may enroll in any courses prior to UTP admission.

  1. Choose four of the following foundation courses

  2. Choose one of the following in diverse literatures

  3. Choose two of the following in classic literatures

  4. Choose one of the following in communication (3-4 credits)

  5. Choose one elective

    • Any 300+ level course (3-4 credits) in Literature, Humanities, Reading or Writing.

Teaching Licensure Grades 5-12

Completing the English Teaching Major is only part of the preparation for teaching in grades 5-12. You must also earn a teaching license. Students completing the teaching major who wish to earn Minnesota Teaching Licensure for secondary education (grades 5-12) can do so by completing additional course work through the university's Urban Teacher Program. Please note that the university's Education Department has the primary responsibility for recommending students for licensure. For more information, visit the Grades 5-12 licensure for Urban Secondary Education page in the catalog.