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Individualized Studies Major BA

The Individualized Studies Bachelor of Arts degree reflects the original mission of Metropolitan State University—to give students primary authority over and responsibility for their educations. With guidance from faculty in the entry course PRSP 301 Perspectives: Educational Philosophy & Planning, students design their own course of study towards the completion of the Bachelor of Arts. Students design their own "focus," which is often interdisciplinary, and typically involves subject areas from across the entire knowledge tradition. In addition to traditional classroom learning, students also use a variety of learning strategies such as student-directed learning (credit for prior learning or independent study) theory seminars, and internships. Examples of programs students have designed include: combining subjects from two different colleges such as political science and business administration, or focusing on broad general themes through the perspective of a variety of subject areas, such as the environmental movement, international development and Third World tourism, or community development. Students are assigned academic advisors who assist them in their progress toward completion of the degree. For more information, contact individualized.studies@metrostate.edu or 651-793-1783.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Individualized Studies program, students must submit a College of Individualized Studies Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. This form is normally submitted while taking PRSP 301, Perspectives: Educational Philosophy and Planning, but can be done prior to taking the course.

Students are classified as Pre-Individualized Studies majors until they complete PRSP 301 and develop an approved degree plan.

University Graduation Requirements

To earn an Individualized Studies B.A., students must complete a total of 120 credits, including the following university graduation requirements:

Individualized Studies Program Requirements

Students earning an Individualized Studies degree must also compete the following:


Requirements can overlap, for example, the 20 College of Individualized Studies residency requirements also meet the university residency requirements and courses in the focus area might also meet Liberal Studies Requirements.


In PRSP 301 Perspectives: Educational Philosophy and Planning, students design individualized focus areas that address their educational goals. The focus can include transferred credits, including up to 80 technical college transfer credits, and MTC classes. The College encourages students to design their degree programs within a broad framework that embraces these competence areas: communication, math/science & the natural world, vocation, avocation, humanities, community (including global citizenship and multicultural perspectives), and lifelong learning.

Creative Learning Strategies

CIS students are encouraged to include a variety of learning strategies in their programs: independent studies, internships, theory seminars, and student-directed learning (credit for prior learning or independent study). The individualized BA is also available as a degree-at-a-distance which incorporates a variety of learning strategies including online courses.

Core Courses for Individualized Studies BA Degree Program

To support students in developing individualized studies degree programs that put their educations in service of their life goals, we require two courses:

Courses and Workshops for All Students

We also offer a variety of interdisciplinary courses and workshops for all students, especially those who want to use learning gained via experience toward college credit, or want to include interdisciplinary studies in their degree programs.