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Liberal Arts Major BA

Requirements (33 upper-division credits)

Students who wish to pursue an individualized major within the College of Arts and Sciences should select the liberal arts major (LAM). This major provides an opportunity for students to customize their degree programs based on individual interests and educational goals.

The liberal arts major consists of at least 33 upper-division credits for which the student can articulate a rationale of coherence in writing. With the support of an advisor students will select 32 credits of interdisciplinary work for the core of their LAM program. An additional 1 credit upper-division Student Designed Independent Study (SDIS) LAM mentorship with a member of the CAS faculty is required of all students. Usually all 33 credits would be in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences; however, with approval, as many as 8 credits in disciplines outside the college may be included. At least half of the LAM credits must be earned at Metropolitan State.

The major program should not be a scattering of courses across the college, but a coherent program with a significant component of advanced-level work demonstrating mastery of the chosen subject. It should not closely resemble an existing degree program within the college.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Liberal Arts major, students must submit a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program Declaration Form when the following is completed:

  • A plan of study, designed in consultation with a College of Arts and Sciences advisor, selecting at least 32 upper-division semester credits and writing a rationale of coherence for the choices. An additional 1 credit upper-division SDIS LAM mentorship with a member of the CAS faculty is required of all students. A committee of arts and sciences faculty reviews the proposed plan, judging the persuasiveness of its rationale and its academic integrity. This committee either approves a plan or returns it to the student with suggestions for improvement.

Minor plan changes (8 or fewer credits) may be made in consultation with the advisor. Major changes require resubmission to the review committee.

Pursuant to university policy, students are encouraged to have their LAM approved before they have completed 80 credits.

Contact Information

Professor Shannon Skarphol Kaml