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Criminal Justice Minor

The criminal justice minor is designed for students who are interested in the broad field of criminal justice, and includes core courses that allow for depth of study in the field. The criminal justice minor is intended for students who are pursuing majors in other disciplines, or an individualized degree, and who wish to develop a minor within their program. The minor's required courses (see below) are supported by three courses (9 credits) of electives. 

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Criminal Justice Minor, students must submit a School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. Consult with an advisor before enrolling in courses toward the minor.

Required Core Courses (21 credits)

*CJS 101 and CJS 200 are prerequisites for all CJS and LAWE courses.


  • Minor courses must be completed with C- or better.
  • Law Enforcement majors cannot use required core law enforcement courses for the criminal justice minor.
  • Law Enforcement Track 2 majors cannot minor in Criminal Justice.
  • Computer forensics majors cannot use CJS or LAWE courses as directed electives if the courses are fulfilling requirements for their computer forensics major.