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Digital Media Minor

The Digital Media minor combines theory and practice in the ever-expanding world of digital communication. Classes in the minor provide background in writing, communication and visual theory, while focusing on the production of digital media. Students choose from a menu of classes in multimedia, social media and web and information design. They complete a prerequisite course on how to identify, locate and use tools for producing digital communication.

Students completing the Digital Media minor will:

  • Learn how to strategically choose appropriate media formats for a variety of messages
  • Learn how to apply knowledge of audience, context and purpose in creating digital communication
  • Learn how to produce digital content in a variety of media, incorporating both aesthetic and practical concerns
  • Learn how identity and diversity shape digital communication and online communities

Students majoring in any discipline are welcome to pursue the minor in Digital Media. However, students may count only one 4-credit elective in the Digital Media minor toward their major and/or another minor. In addition, the prerequisite--WRIT 28--may be counted toward both the student's major and the Digital Media minor. Up to 9 credits may be taken at the lower division.

Required Courses (21-22 total credits)

Prerequisite (2 credits)

Electives (19-20 credits)

Students may complete any combination of courses in the following areas:


Social Media

Web and Information Design