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Practical Ethics Minor

The practical ethics minor is designed to familiarize students with the nature and varieties of moral reasoning that are applied to areas of everyday experience, such as: business, marketing, management and sales; medicine and the delivery of health care; law enforcement; media and public relations; social service careers; civic life; and intimate life in the roles of friend, lover, partner, parent, child, man or woman, and racialized person. Practical ethics is a 20-credit minor meant to complement a degree in any professional field, such as marketing, management, counseling, nursing or human services.

Requirements (20 total credits)

Introductory Ethics

One course in ethics such as:

Philosophical Perspectives on Diversity

One course from among the following:

Professional Ethics

Two courses from the following:

Electives in Ethics

One additional course, chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor in the Practical Philosophy and Ethics Department.