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Students are eligible to apply for graduation when they are registered for the final requirements for their degree programs. To earn a degree from Metropolitan State University, students must complete a minimum of 120 semester credits with a cumulative Metropolitan State grade point average of at least 2.0. The exact credit requirements vary according to major or program. At least 40 semester credits must be completed at an upper-division level (300 or above) and at least 30 semester credits must be awarded by Metropolitan State. In addition, credits completed must be distributed to meet the applicable major and program requirements, as well as General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) requirements.

GELS requirements consist of at least 48 credits including a minimum of 8 upper division credits approved as Upper Division Liberal Studies courses. A student who has completed an Associate of Arts degree at a Minnesota Colleges and Universities institution, or has completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, will be considered to have satisfied Goal Areas One through Ten.  However, completion of an Associate of Arts degree does not satisfy the Upper Division Liberal Studies requirement.  See university Policy 2010, General Education/Liberal Studies/Goal Areas, as well as university Transfer Credit Policy 2120 and Transfer Credit Procedure 212 for more information.

Major/Program Declaration

When students choose the major, minor or program that they wish to pursue, or decide to develop an individualized program, they must complete and submit an Undergraduate Program Declaration form for the college housing the program. All students are expected to file an undergraduate program declaration form after they have completed 45 credits and met the admission requirements for the major they plan to complete. Students must be admitted to a major program with an approved Undergraduate Program Declaration form before completing 80 credits or within a year of transferring to Metropolitan State, whichever comes later.

If the declaration form is not filed on time, students may not be allowed to register until a declaration form has been submitted and approved. Advisors in the colleges and schools review the student's status and sign the declaration form if the student has completed all the requirements for admission to the program and required steps. The signed declaration form becomes a part of each student's record and documents the approved program of study. If the requirements for a major change after a student's major declaration is approved, the student has the right to adopt the new requirements or to complete the approved major program. Students who decide to change majors, minors or programs must complete a new Undergraduate Program Declaration form and submit it to the appropriate department or program. Students who are admitted to the university after an absence of nine semesters or more must submit a new Undergraduate Program Declaration form and must fulfill the major or other program requirements in place at the time of program declaration and approval.

Policy 2020 provides more detailed information about program declaration, degree and residency requirements.

Major/Program Requirements

Program requirements are described in the college and school sections of the catalog and in departmental program materials. Each college and school offers workshops to explain the requirements for their programs. The College of Individualized Studies offers workshops to assist students in developing interdisciplinary, individualized degree programs. Completing a minor program is optional. Students may earn more than one major by officially declaring each major and completing all of the requirements for each major. All majors and minors must be completed at the time of graduation. Students who wish to complete an additional major after completion of a bachelors degree must earn a second degree, and must complete at least 30 credits at Metropolitan State after completion of the first degree.

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