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Alcohol and Drug Counseling Major BS

Everyday countless lives are enriched or saved because of the work carried out by alcohol and drug counselors. Competent, well-trained counselors form professional relationships and carry out strategies which help people and their families move from life-threatening addiction to life-affirming recovery.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) Alcohol and Drug Counseling major is for students who have a variety of needs and interests related to substance abuse problems. It is designed to help students wanting to qualify for licensure, community college transfer students, people who are already licensed and want to complete their undergraduate degree, and for other professionals (social workers, psychologists, school counselors, nurses, law enforcement personnel and others) who want to learn more about effective responses to substance abuse problems.

This major is 60 credits, which includes 12 core courses (48 credits), an 880-hour practicum sequence (9 credits), and 3 elective credits.

Declaring Your Major

To declare your major, you must submit a College of Health, Community and Professional Studies Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. Consult with an advisor before submitting the declaration form.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Requirements

Courses are listed in suggested sequence order

Practicum Courses

Post-Baccalaureate Alcohol and Drug Counseling Licensure Program

This track is for students who already have a Bachelor's or Master's degree and who are seeking to meet licensure requirements. This track requires the following core courses and practicum. Equivalent courses taken at other colleges or universities may apply.

Core Courses

Courses are listed in suggested sequence order

Practicum Courses

Required Elective (at least 3 credits): Take one from this approved list

Students may take additional courses as electives according to their interests and to further enhance their competency.