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Finance Major BS

Finance is application of tools and concepts from mathematics, statistics, and economics to financial decision making. Solid preparation in these areas should precede finance courses. When choosing courses to meet general education and liberal studies requirements, and when choosing electives, students planning to major in finance should choose courses that use mathematics and courses that sharpen writing skills.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Finance major, students must submit a College of Management Undergraduate Program Declaration Form when the following is completed:

  • COM Foundation Courses with a grade of C- or better (see below)

The COM Foundation Courses are prerequisites for many upper division College of Management courses. Completing these courses early in your program will help you succeed and have the most valuable experience in other College of Management courses.


The finance program consists of six parts:

  1. General Education and Liberal Studies

    Students in degree programs at Metropolitan State University must complete while at the university, or transfer to the university, a number of courses to meet general education and liberal studies requirements. View General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) for Metropolitan State University.

  2. COM Foundation Courses (22 credits)

  3. Business Core Courses (24 credits)

  4. Finance Major Required Courses (8 credits)

  5. Finance Major Elective Courses (16 credits required: any four of the following courses)

  6. Unrestricted electives as needed to total a minimum of 120 credits.

Many College of Management courses are sequenced and build on previous learning. Students must complete course prerequisites before registering for a course which requires prerequisites. In addition, students must complete 30 credits of coursework, including introductory and intermediate writing before they can register for College of Management upper division courses (those numbered 300 and above). MGMT 499 Case Studies in Strategic Management is a capstone class which should be taken during the last semester of the student's program.

Requisite Footnotes

  • FIN 392 is a co-requisite for FIN 511, FIN 560 and FIN 595. (To enroll in FIN 511, FIN 560 or FIN 595, a student must either first complete FIN 392, or be concurrently enrolled in FIN 392.)
  • FIN 392 is a prerequisite for FIN 496.
  • ACCT 310 is not a prerequisite for FIN 595, although it was at one time.
  • ACCT 310 is a prerequisite for ACCT 515.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer course evaluation is made by the faculty in the College of Management consistent with the requirements of MnSCU Policy 3.2 and MnSCU Procedure 3.21.1 (Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer). COM faculty will accept a course as meeting a COM major or minor requirement if the course content is equivalent to or acceptable in place of a Metropolitan State University course as determined by COM faculty;

  • the course was taught at a similar or higher level as the comparable COM course;
  • the content and level of the course are consistent with state/national-level professional, industry and licensure standards; and
  • the course carries a grade of "C-" or "S" or higher.

Management information systems transfer courses must meet "sunset" policy requirements which specify the maximum time between when the course was taken and when the student was admitted to Metropolitan State. If a course is not accepted because too much time has elapsed since the course was completed, a student may demonstrate competence in some courses via exam. Formal articulation agreements between Metropolitan State and other institutions identify transfer of courses between those institutions.

Credit and Residency Requirements

Students in each of the College of Management bachelor of science major programs must complete a minimum of 20 credit hours of their major requirements and/or major electives at Metropolitan State University. In addition, students must complete at least 30 credits at Metropolitan State University in order to graduate.

College of Management Double Major Policy

Students may combine any two majors in the College of Management as a double major as long as there are at least 24 upper division semester credits of coursework in the second major that do not overlap the first major. Both majors must be completed at the time of graduation.