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Human Services Major BHS

The Bachelor of Human Services (BHS) Human Services major gives students the freedom and latitude to tailor their degree programs to meet professional and career development needs in a targeted area of human services. It has been designed with required core human services content areas and related electives, the BHS program ensures that Metropolitan State University human services graduates have a sufficient complement of theoretical knowledge and practical training for entry as a professional in the field.

Degree Planning/Starting Out

Students must attend a university orientation session and a human services program information meeting. This program planning information meeting presents curriculum content and provides information about what students need to complete, taking transcripted credits into consideration. Students entering the program with a large number of undergraduate credits may have more flexibility in subject matter choices.

Students should attend the university's new student orientation session before making an appointment with advisors for degree planning. Generally, degree planning is completed in HSER 355 Introduction to Human Service: History and Trends which is required for all entering human services students.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Human Services BHS major, students must submit a College of Health, Community and Professional Services Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. Consult with an advisor before submitting declaration form or enrolling in courses toward the major.


Required Core Courses (20 credits)

Practica (5 credits)

Experiential (practica) experience is a vital component of the human services degree program. Every student is required to complete a practicum experience.

Human Services Degree Requirements

The degree programs consist of a minimum of 120 credits with at least 48 credits in human services, of which 40 credits must be upper division Metropolitan State University course work or competency demonstration. The degree programs have the following components:

  • General education and liberal studies (including general psychology and introduction to sociology as prerequisites for program admission)
  • Required core courses (20 credits)
  • Other required human services coursework, depending upon the concentration
  • Practica in human services organization(s)
  • Minor course (if desired); and
  • Other electives


Students acquire a more specialized professional education because the degree program incorporates concentration areas, which emphasize specific areas of service in the following areas: