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Philosophy Major BA

The Philosophy Major allows you to design your own individualized course of study in philosophy. Your major in philosophy will consist of 36 credits of coursework, at least 32 of which must be philosophy courses. With departmental approval, up to 12 credits can be transferred from another institution. The major includes a capstone project to be completed in the student's final semester. Students register for the philosophy capstone as a student designed independent study with one of the department faculty.

Typically, after taking a course or two, you will declare your major and then meet with a member of the philosophy faculty in order to devise a plan for your course of study. In addition to proposing a set of courses, that plan will also include a written rationale explaining the coherence of the set of courses you propose to take. Your plan of study must be approved by the Department of Practical Philosophy and Ethics.

Recognizing that students choosing to major in philosophy may have a variety of goals and backgrounds, the philosophy faculty does not require a specific set of courses. We are unlikely, however, to approve a plan that does not include some study of the history of philosophy and some attention to the philosophically oriented study of diversity.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Philosophy major, students must submit a College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. Consult with a departmental advisor before enrolling in courses toward the major.