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Urban Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3 Licensure) BS

The Urban Early Childhood Education major in School of Urban Education (UED) is designed to meet the needs of urban early learning settings for teachers who can promote young children’s development from birth to age 8 and improve their educational achievement up to grade 3 with positive impact lasting a lifetime. The School prepares prospective teachers who can build on the talents and resiliency of diverse urban learners for success in school and life. Our approach to teacher education focuses on preparing diverse, reflective and resilient teachers who are outstanding in their commitment to teaching urban youth and providing equal educational opportunity. By attracting teachers of color and low-income or first generation college students into teaching careers, the School provides urban schools with competent educators who can relate to the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse youth and their communities.

The mission of the School is twofold: 1) to increase the number of well-prepared teachers of color in Minneapolis, St. Paul and inner-ring suburbs so that the teaching workforce reflects the ethnically diverse population of students and their communities; and 2) to empower urban teachers with the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, urban field experiences, and professional dispositions needed to improve the educational achievement of historically and currently underserved urban learners and to advocate for their right to receive a high quality education.

Visit the website or call 651-999-5920 for more information.

Acceptance to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance to the Urban Early Childhood Education major and birth- grade 3 licensure program , students must submit a School of Urban Education Undergraduate Program Declaration Form and apply for admission to the Urban Teacher Program. To be admitted in the Urban Teacher Program, students need to meet the requirements and criteria stated in the Guide to Admission in the Urban Teacher Program.

Requirements (69-72 total credits)

Courses Required for Admission to the Urban Teacher Program

The following courses are open to all students and are among the requirements for admission to the Urban Teacher Program.

  • EDU 200 Intro to Urban Education & Reflective Teaching
  • EDU 203 Multicultural Education
  • PSYC 308 Child Psychology
  • PSYC 417 Language and Communication Development in ECE
  • ETHS ### (a UTP-approved ethnic studies course; contact the School for a list)
  • University General Education Requirements (All 10 Goal Areas completed, 40 cr)

Professional Education (55-58 credits)

All 300-400 level EDU courses require admission to the Urban Teacher Program or department approval in order to enroll and are expected to be completed as listed below by CORE sequence.

CORE I Foundation Courses (15 cr, Prerequisites: ALL courses required for UTP admission)

  • EDU 321 Urban Infant-Toddler Curriculum and Practicum
  • EDU 331 Physical Development, Health, Nutrition, Effects of Drugs in Birth-Grade 6
  • EDU 341 The Child and Family in an Urban Setting
  • EDU 361 The Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • EDU 383 Information Technology in K-12 Education

NOTE: CORE I courses include 25 hours of documented urban field experiences

CORE II Professional Education Courses (14-15 cr, Prerequisites: ALL CORE I requirements)

  • PSYC 357 Observing and Assessing Young Children
  • PSYC 359 Positive Behavior Guidance
  • EDU 323 Urban Pre-K and Kindergarten Curriculum and Practicum and co-requisite
    EDU 311 Urban Teaching Practicum & Seminar
  • EDU 325 Emergent Literacy
  • EDU 333 Assessment of Learning in Urban Grades K-6

NOTE: CORE II courses include 25 hours of documented urban field experiences

CORE III Professional Education Courses (13 cr, Prerequisites: ALL CORE I & II requirements)

  • EDU 330 Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6
  • EDU 481 Urban Grades 1-6 Curriculum and Practicum
  • EDU 483 Foundations of Teaching Reading in Urban Grades K-6
  • EDU 484 Teaching and Assessing Young Children with Disabilities

NOTE: CORE III courses include 30 hours of documented urban field experiences

CORE IV Professional Methods Courses (13-15 cr, Prerequisites: ALL CORE I, II & III requirements)

  • EDU 430 Historical and Cultural Foundations of Urban Education
    OR PSYC 356 Early Childhood Education within a Historical, Social, and Cultural Context
  • EDU 486 Teaching Math and Science in Urban Grades 1-3
  • EDU 487 Methods of Teaching Reading in Urban Grades K-6 and co-requisite
    EDU 450 Advanced Urban Teaching Practicum & Seminar
  • LAED 440 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Urban Grades K-6

NOTE: CORE IV courses include 40 hours of documented urban field experiences

Pre-Professional Teaching Experience (9 cr total, Prerequisites: ALL CORE I, II, III & IV requirements)

  • EDU 485 Student Teaching in Urban Pre-K & Kindergarten Classroom (3 or 6 credits) AND EITHER
  • EDU 475 Student Teaching in the Urban Infant -Toddler Classroom (3 or 6 credits) OR
  • EDU 490 Student Teaching in Urban Primary Grades 1-3 Classroom (3 or 6 credits)

NOTE: This experience is required for licensure not the major or degree. Different options exist with different age groups for completing the Pre-Professional Teaching Experience, and these options have different pre-requisite field experience requirements that need to be considered while completing CORE I-IV requirements. Teacher Candidates must notify the Field Experience Director two semesters prior to doing their student teaching. They must also submit a student teaching application by September 1 for spring placements and February 1st for fall placements.