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Human Services Gerontology

Metropolitan State has responded to the need for education in the field of gerontology (49 credits) by a concentration to address the social, psychological and physical aspects of aging. Students interested in gerontology as a career should also take courses in sociology, psychology, counseling, group work and grant writing, and complete an internship to gain practical experience. Other related areas are human resource development and the social sciences.

Interpersonal sensitivity-knowing one's value system and cultural and sexual identity and how they affect interactions with people of different cultures, gender, lifestyles and age levels-is necessary for students selecting gerontology as a vocational area.

Declaring Your Major

To declare your major, you must submit a College of Health, Community and Professional Services Undergraduate Program Declaration Form. Consult with an advisor before submitting declaration form or enrolling in courses toward the major.


Required Core Courses (20 credits)

Practicum (5 credits)

Experiential learning experience is an essential component of the human services degree program. Thus,every student is required to complete a practicum experience.

Human Services Degree Requirements

The degree programs consist of a minimum of 120 credits with at least 48 credits in human services, of which 40 credits must be upper division Metropolitan State University course work or competency demonstration. The degree programs have the following components:

  • General education and liberal studies (including general psychology and introduction to sociology as prerequisites before or as you begin your major program coursework)
  • A background check
  • Required human services core courses (20 credits)
  • Other required human services coursework, depending upon the concentration
  • A practicum in human services organization(s)
  • Minor program courses (if desired); and
  • Other electives

Human Services Gerontology Requirements (24 credits)


Choose 3 of the 4 following courses:


Recommended Elective Courses