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Theater Minor

Skills and insights acquired through the study of theater can be life enhancing. A Theater Minor can be focused beyond the basic requirements to provide for an individualized study, encouraging the integration of theater skills and tools within many other disciplines. Specifically, in the minor, students acquire a basic understanding of, and critical appreciation for, contemporary theater art. Additionally, an appreciation of the great traditions of the theater experience on and off stage, and studies in playwriting, acting, improvisation, directing, etc. can enhance creativity, aesthetic engagement, leadership and an increased ability to achieve across the curriculum, empowering students toward effective communication and a clear, authentic "voice."

The theater minor is flexibly aimed at integration with other majors, but it may be supported by courses in: Shakespeare, creative writing, screenwriting, studio arts, music, experimental intermedia arts, media studies, literature and storytelling.

Requirements (22 total credits)

Courses are listed in suggested order.

The major and minor degree programs require a minimum of two practicum credits throughout the course of study through THEA 351 Production and Performance Laboratory, where students work in a department shop (scenery, props, marketing, and costumes), or perform as actors, running crew, board operation, set-up/strike crew, house management, etc. for the run of a production.