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All university communication occurs via Metropolitan State e-mail accounts.  Upon admission, you will be instructed to activate your StarID, which will provide login access to the portal, eServices and your university e-mail account.  If you have previously activated your StarID at another MnSCU institution, your StarID will transfer here.  For technical assistance, contact IT Services.

Checklist for newly admitted students  


New Student Orientation and Group Advising and Registration

All newly admitted students must register for and complete online New Student Orientation prior to course registration.  You also have the option of attending an on-campus Group Advising and Registration Session (GAR) where you have the opportunity to see the campus, obtain your student ID card and meet representatives of the university, including academic advisors.  First year students with fewer than 16 earned college credits and students admitted on Academic Warning must complete both the online orientation and on-campus GAR session.

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Login to student accounts

Your StarID login provides access to the following:

  • Portal: enables you to simultaneously access information, web applications, network storage, e-mail, calendar and more through one web page. You can access the portal link at the top of the Metropolitan State University home page.
  • Desire2Learn (D2L): is Metropolitan State University’s instructional management system used to deliver online, web-enhanced, hybrid, and web-supplemented courses. After you register for the course that uses D2L, you will be able to access D2L and your course following an overnight system update.  You can access your D2L account at the top right of the Metropolitan State University home page.
  • Eservices: provides access to registration, financial aid information, tuition payments, and your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS Report.  You can access the eServices link directly from the top right of the Metropolitan State University homepage.
  • E-mail: Your university student e-mail account is the official method of communication with students and employees for all university-related business. It is hosted by Microsoft Live. Student e-mail resources include: e-mail, calendaring, data storage and access to the suite of online Microsoft Office applications through Microsoft SkyDrive. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly and send e-mail to faculty and staff from this account only.
  • Computers/Wi-Fi:  All computers/Wi-Fi on campus require you to activate your StarID prior to use.  For more information about accessing Wi-Fi visit: Wireless Network Access.
  • For StarID login assistance, visit MnSCU StarID.

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    Review your DARS report

    The Interactive Degree Audit / DARS report is a degree planning tool for students.  It includes both transfer and Metropolitan State coursework. You can access your Interactive Degree Audit / DARS report through eServices by clicking on Grades and Transcripts.  

    Communication from your CHCPS major/program

    Your CHCPS major/program will be sending you a personalized communication welcoming you to the program.  Be sure to activate your university e-mail, since this is the official communication method utilized by the university.

    Advising resources

    In CHCPS, professional and faculty advisors work with students to explore majors within the college.  Every student is assigned an academic advisor once the university has completed a transfer credit evaluation, or DARS report. You can find general university college advising information at: http://www.metrostate.edu/msweb/pathway/academic_success/advising/.

    • Who is my advisor? Once you have been assigned an advisor, his/her name will be listed on your DARS report, your transcript and eServices. If you do not have an assigned advisor and need immediate assistance, please contact the CHCPS Advising Center.

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    A hold may be placed on your account for various reasons.  Please visit eServices to check if any holds are affecting your current status.  Some holds can prevent you from registering so it is important to take care of these immediately.

    Placement assessment tests

    Your DARS report indicates if reading/writing and/or math assessments or course placement is required for you prior to registration.  Please contact the Placement Assessment Office to schedule testing, if needed.


    Complete the Immunization Record on the Registrar’s website to show proof of Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) and Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td) vaccinations.  Contact Gateway Student Services if you have questions. 


      • METRO 101 This course is designed to introduce students to Metropolitan State and its academic programs and services.  It is required of all newly admitted students who have fewer than 16 earned college credits.
      • Registration timetable Students register according to a registration timetable based on the number of credits completed, including transfer coursework.  The registration timetable is available on the Registrar’s website.
      • To view the specific date and time you may register, log into eServices and select “Registration Window” under “Courses and Registration”.

    NOTE: Summer and Fall registration open at the same time.

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    Arrange for payment

    There are several ways you can arrange for payment of tuition and fees. They range from in-person payments at the Cashiers Office, U.S. mail and credit card, to payment plans and payments online through eServices.  A more detailed listing of methods of payment is located on the Financial Management website.  The most important thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to make financing arrangements well in advance of the tuition payment deadline or risk being dropped from courses for non-payment. 


    Purchase and/or rental of textbooks are available at the University’s bookstore located on the first floor of the Library and Learning Center on the Saint Paul Campus.  For information about financial aid bookstore credit, please visit the Financial Aid website.  Save all receipts if you intend to return your books.

    Get to know your campuses

    We highly recommend that you become familiar with Metropolitan State University’s four main locations throughout the Twin Cities area where most of the semester’s courses, workshops and events are scheduled. These include:

      • The main campus in St Paul’s Eastside Neighborhood
      • The Midway Campus on Energy Park Drive in St. Paul
      • The Minneapolis Campus on Hennepin Avenue (next to Minneapolis Community and Technical College) and
      • The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center co-located on the campus of Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park.

    For more detailed information about these locations, directions, parking and bus routes go to Maps and Parking located on the top of each university webpage.  

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    There are several deadlines that you should become very familiar with because not meeting them can affect your finances, academic standing and academic progress. The following two deadlines are posted every semester on the University’s homepage under Academic/Events Calendar found under the Find It Fast Banner.

      • Tuition Payment deadline – All your courses will be dropped if you do not pay your tuition by this deadline.
      • Graduation registration deadline - You can graduate at the end of the fall, spring or summer semesters but you have to register for graduation by the date posted for the semester you plan to graduate. If you miss the deadline you will need to submit an appeal to graduate past the deadline to the Graduation Office. If your appeal is approved, you will be able to graduate but may not be able to attend the commencement event.


    The following two deadlines may be found in eServices by clicking on the specific course title; deadlines can vary by course.

      • Drop/Add deadline - You can drop or add classes up to the posted deadline.  If you drop your classes by this deadline you will get a tuition refund.
      • Withdraw deadline – You can withdraw from a class by this deadline and receive a “W” instead of a failing grade. There is no refund for withdrawing from classes. Withdrawing from all your classes will affect your academic standing and you will be required to repay your tuition to the University.

    NOTE: Whenever possible, it is recommended that you consult your academic advisor prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course(s) to understand how this may impact your academic and/or financial situation.

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    Transfer credit update request

    If you have submitted transcripts from other colleges that show courses in progress or you take courses elsewhere after enrolling at Metropolitan State University, you will need to submit a request for a transfer credit upgrade as soon as your grades at that college are posted. To request a transfer update, visit the Transfer Update Request webpage.

    New Student Orientation Handbook

    All new students admitted to the University are required to complete an online New Student Orientation.  At the end of the online New Student Orientation, a New Student Orientation Handbook is available.  You can access this handbook by returning to the online orientation at any time, via the portal, to find answers to your questions.


    Next StepsNow that you have completed the checklist for newly admitted students, please return to the CHCPS Advising homepage and click on the “Current Students” button for your next steps.

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