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All university communication occurs via Metropolitan State e-mail accounts.  If you have not already done so, please activate your StarID, which will provide login access to the portal, eServices and your university e-mail account.  If you have previously activated your StarID at another MnSCU institution, your StarID will transfer here.  For technical assistance, contact IT Services.

Who is my advisor?

Once you have been assigned an advisor, your advisor’s name is available:

  • In eServices, accessible from the university homepage
  • On your academic record (unofficial transcript) available in eServices
  • On your DARS report available in eServices

If you have not yet been assigned an advisor, you may contact the CHCPS Advising Center to be referred appropriately.

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How do I declare my major?

Selecting a major is a process that requires considerable reflection and research.  Some of the CHCPS Quick Links and the CHPCPS program web pages will provide helpful resources and information to assist you in selecting a major.  It is important that you consider and explore your interests, strengths, skills and values to ensure that you select a major that will align your academic and career goals.  Some programs offer information sessions for prospective students, and a listing of these will be found within the program’s web pages.

Once you have determined the major that you wish to pursue, you will need to either declare that major, or seek admission if the major or program has specific requirements beyond completing an Undergraduate Major Declaration form.  Some programs, such as Nursing and Social Work, have secondary requirements for entry into the major.  You can determine what is required by visiting the specific major/program page. 

To declare the following majors/programs, submit the appropriate Undergraduate Program Declaration form for your major/program directly to the CHCPS advising center:

  • Human Services
  • Psychology
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Students interested in the following majors/programs, should click on the program below to view the criteria to be admitted to the program prior to declaring the major:

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Degree/Program Planning

There are many resources available to assist you in planning your program or degree. Some programs require an in-person meeting with your academic advisor to plan your degree program. For other majors, this is optional, but strongly encouraged, especially for planning early in your program. If you have declared your major, consult your DARS report for information on unfilled graduation requirements.  Your academic advisor can answer questions you may have about enrollment and registration planning, university policies and requirements, and resources to assist you and enhance your academic experience at Metropolitan State University.

Many majors/programs have checklists that outline degree and major requirements. You can find checklists, curriculum plans, information meeting schedules, and much more by visiting the specific program page for any of our undergraduate majors.

If you are interested in declaring a double major or minor, work with your advisor to determine how this would fit into your degree program, the process to declare a double major or minor, and whom to contact for advising.

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Registration Assistance

Preparation for registration prior to the start of each registration period is an essential step toward your degree completion.  We recommend the following steps to ensure timely and successful registration:

  1. Determine when your registration window opens in eServices.  Students are assigned a particular point in time when they may begin to register, referred to as a “registration window”.  Registration windows are assigned based on earned credits to date, with priority given to students with higher earned credits.
  2. Determine if you have any registration holds in eServices that may prevent you from registering on time, and follow steps to take care of any holds.
  3. Review your DARS and degree planning worksheets to assist you in course selection.
  4. If needed, schedule an appointment with your advisor before your registration window opens.  Registration is a peak advising time, so please plan accordingly.
  5. Register right when your window opens to ensure best course selection.
  6. Pay tuition by the tuition payment deadline to avoid being dropped from classes due to non-payment.
  7. Obtain textbooks for your courses.
  8. Review your schedule right before the semester start for any course or room schedule changes or updates.
  9. Pay attention to add, drop and withdraw deadlines.

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Student Resources

View the CHCPS Student Resources webpage for commonly used university forms and advising handouts. 

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Planning for Graduation

It is wise to check in with your advisor at least two semesters prior to your planned graduation date, to be sure you have a complete understanding of your outstanding requirements for your intended degree.  Contact your advisor as you prepare and follow your DARS report.   You can also go to the Graduation Office to find all the information you will need to know to prepare to graduate.

When you are registering for your final semester, be sure to register for course WKSP-GRAD 81 Graduation Workshop.  Registering for this course will alert the university of your intent to graduate.  You must complete this step whether or not you intend to participate in the commencement ceremony. 

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