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Metropolitan State University offers conference attendees  the opportunity to earn 1-2 undergraduate or graduate college credit in Psychology. The credits can be used toward meeting continuing education requirements, college degree program, or other credentialing. This credit opportunity is open to everyone. You do not need to be enrolled at Metropolitan State University. If you would like to earn college credit, please complete the following steps:

  1. Check the box on the registration sheet that you are interested in receiving a college credit from Metropolitan State University.
  2. Obtain forms needed to complete the process:
  3. Attend one or more full days of the conference. Maintain a workshop log that includes the titles of sessions attended, their dates and hours and the key ideas that were most relevant for you. The workshop log will be available on our Website.
  4. Complete your written assignment. For undergraduate credits: Write a 5 to 7 page paper that describes the topics presented at the conference workshops you attended. Identify five ideas from the conference to apply in your classroom or workplace. Describe why you selected the ideas. How will you use what you learned at the conference in your personal or professional life? Use your local library or internet to locate at least 3 references (e.g., articles, journals, books) on the topic presented. Include information from these references in your paper. The paper should be typed double spaced and include a list of references. References should also be cited (author, date) in paragraphs. For graduate credits: please write a 10 page paper of the assignment above, include research articles and a critique of the ideas presented and how the ideas could be used by educators and policymakers to improve or change the early childhood field. Use APA for citing resources and reference pages.
  5. You have one month from the date of the conference by which to mail your work.  Send in your written assignment, workshop log, completed Quick Start Registration Form, Form A, and a $25.00 per credit tuition fee made payable to Metropolitan State University by (date to be determined) .  For questions, please send an email to charlotte.nitardy@metrostate.edu.

All materials should be sent to:

Early Childhood Assessment Program
Psychology Department, Suite 101
Metropolitan State University
1450 Energy Park Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55108

*The $25.00 applies for Minnesota residents only. The regular Metropolitan State University nonresident tuition rates apply for all other participants. For information on reciprocity, please visit our website at Tuition and Fees.

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