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The Early Childhood Assessment Program is a partnership among Metropolitan State University, early childhood agencies in Minnesota, and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). The project is funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Would you like to have your training reviewed for college credit?

Early Childhood Assessment Program faculty review non-credit courses and workshops offered by early childhood organizations in the community and evaluate them for college credit.  Your training is a good candidate for the course review process if:

  • the content of the training is at the college level,
  • the training is at least six hours long,
  • the class, course or workshop series has consistent enrollment, and
  • will be offered more than once. 

If you are interested in having your training reviewed, please complete the Information Gathering Form.  You can use this form to gather the information that will be needed by a faculty evaluator to consider a course for the review process.  You may submit this form along with the course syllabus, instructor resume, and the curriculum to be reviewed via mail, fax, or email to:

               Mail:      Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator
                              Psychology Department
                              Metropolitan State University
                              1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 101
                              St. Paul, MN 55108
               Fax:        651-999-5822
               Email:    ecap@metrostate.edu.

After receiving your information, the faculty evaluator reviews the curriculum for the classes, courses or workshop series to determine if they meet college-level learning.  Evaluators assess courses or workshops by looking at the number and level of learning outcomes that are addressed, whether learning is assessed in the course or workshop, and the credentials of the instructor.  The faculty assessor completes the External Course Review Form using the collected documentation and submits the findings including signed forms and supporting documentation to the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator. 

Once the course is approved, the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator drafts the course review document to be signed by the faculty evaluator, lead faculty evaluator, and the grant manager.  The document will contain: name of course reviewed, course description, date of assessment, number of credits, competence statement, sponsoring agency, contact information, etc., and a termination date. 

If the college credit is denied, the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator or the Faculty Evaluator has two options:

  • The Faculty Evaluator notifies the agency/organization of the decision not to grant college credits and provides suggestions for changes to the training.
  • The Faculty Evaluator creates additional assignments for students to complete.  This may include creating an assessment for the course such as a written paper to be completed by the students who participate in the non-credit courses.  The directions for the assignments will be put on the ECAP website and distributed to the agency/organization.  Completed assignments are turned into the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator and corrected by faculty Evaluators.  (View the list of approved trainings and examples of assignments.)

When the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator is notified regarding the final decision to accept or reject the course, she notifies the sponsoring agency regarding the decision.  If the course is approved for college credit, the Early Childhood Assessment Coordinator will ask for a list of eligible students.  The trainer and sponsoring agency should advertise the credit option to current, past, and future students.  All courses are given a termination date.  Courses must be re-reviewed in 3 years at the agency’s expense.

For more information about the course review process, contact Charlotte Nitardy at 651-999-5824 or email ecap@metrostate.edu.

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