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Where can you use your Experiential Learning Credits?

The experiential learning can be used to meet your GELS Social and Behavioral Science requirement or as an elective. Please click on the following links to see sample programs where the experiential learning credits are put in the context of a degree plan

  • Early childhood Studies Major Sample Program (B.A.S)
  • Individualized B.A. Degree Plan Focus area: Early Childhood Care Business Management Sample Program
  • Human Services Administration (B.S. or B.H.S) Sample Program
  • Academic Career Pathways course with emphasis in early childhood careers to help you put your experiential learning in context

To graduate from any college or at Metropolitan State University, you need to successfully complete a minimum of a set amount of credits. At Metropolitan State University, most majors require about 124 credits. Those 124 credits are distributed into three main areas of your degree plan. 1) the General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) Requirements, 2) the Major Requirements, and 3) Electives.

1. GELS these are general courses that include courses in communication, math, physical or natural science, history and social/behavioral sciences, and humanities. Core Area requirements include courses in Cultural Diversity in the U.S., Global Awareness, Ethical and Civic Responsibility, and People and the Environment.

2. Major Requirements in addition to the GELS, each college or major has its own requirements. For instance, if your major is in Early Childhood Studies, you will be required to take an extensive amount of early childhood courses. Similarly, if your major is in Accounting, you would be expected to take an extensive amount of accounting courses.

3. Electives the purpose of elective credits is to round your education by addressing areas of competence you feel you need to strengthen in order to be a well educated person.

Upper- and Lower-Division Credits

At Metropolitan State University, we have 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, or 600 levels of courses. 100 and 200 levels are lower-division; 300 and 400 are upper-division; and 500 and 600 are graduate levels. The Early Childhood Assessment Program gives credits at all levels (PSYC 165i, PSYC 365i, and PSYC 565i). Most of our students complete their experiential learning at the upper-division level (mid-range on level spectrum).

Summary of Metropolitan State University Graduation Requirements:

Metropolitan State has General Education and Liberal Studies Requirements, Graduation Requirements, and requirements for each major, minor and focus. The requirements are summarized as follows:

  • General Education 40 semester credits
  • Liberal Studies ( #300+) 8 credits
  • Major/focus area maximum 67 credits
  • Electives minimum 13 credits

Minimum Total 120-133 semester credits

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