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Early Childhood Experiential Learning:

A program for assessing early childhood professionals

Metropolitan State University’s Early Childhood Assessment Program, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and community agencies, provides assessments and educational pathways to enhance Minnesota’s early childhood industry.  The program offers accelerated access and placement in higher education so that early childhood professionals can earn credentials needed for career advancement in less time.

What we do?

  • Assess the experiential learning of early childhood professionals for college credit.
  • Collaborate with early childhood agencies to assess non-credit training in the community for college credit.
  • Conduct workshops on the experiential learning assessment process and provide information on career ladder opportunities in the field of early childhood. This workshop is also available online.

How much does it cost?

The cost of prior learning assessment is listed on the tuition and fees table.

Advantages of participating in the Early Childhood Assessment Program:

Your learning is acknowledged and valued at the college level.

  • You gain deepened understanding about the value and applicability of your learning.
  • You may receive college credits for your previous learning.
  • Credits earned are upper division psychology credits that can be used toward the fulfillment of the General Education or Elective requirements at 2 year or 4 year colleges.
  • College credit opens doors to additional educational & employment opportunities.
  • Credits can be used to meet early childhood teacher qualifications.
  • Access - increase opportunities for non-traditional students to enroll in higher education.
  • Cost effective - participation reduces the cost of education (tuition, books, and transportation).

Where can I use Experiential Learning Credits?

Experiential Learning credit can be used to meet the Minnesota educational requirements for an assistant teacher or teacher working in licensed child care programs, the continuing education requirements of licensed teachers, or toward the degree requirements of 2-year or 4-year college.  (Experiential Learning Credits in a Degree Plan)

At Metropolitan State University the credits can be used to meet:

  1. General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) Requirements including Goal V: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  2. Electives most majors have room for about 20 elective credits.
  3. Major Requirements if your major is related to early childhood (check with your academic advisor).  

How do I obtain my grade or transcript?

After we receive all your documents, we submit your paperwork to the Metropolitan State University registration and grades office.  It takes approximately one month between the time you submit the paperwork and your grade availability.  Metropolitan State University does not mail grades to students. If you need a copy of your grades or transcript, you may print it from the Web (if you are an admitted student), call 651-793-1233 for transcript information, or visit website.

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