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1. Is there a deadline to get the social work application in?

No, there is no deadline per se, but there is a deadline to be registered as a fully-admitted Metropolitan State University student. (This must be done prior to applying.)

2. Can I take any Biology course?

No, it has to be a Human Biology or Women of Biology course. Together, Human Anatomy and Physiology can be substituted. However; if you feel that your course should be accepted, request a copy of the syllabus, if this is available or we can run a course description. The Social Work Department Chair can review this and make a decision whether to approve or disapprove the course. The course must address the biological systems i.e. respiratory, circulatory, reproductive systems, etc. Not acceptable would be a microbiology course or other courses narrowly focused

3. Do I have to do an internship?

Yes, you are required to do 300 hours in each of two internships, one in the junior year and one in the senior year. This comes to about 20 hour a week if you are a day student, 10-12 hours if you are an evening student.

4. Do you admit students during the year?

No, we only admit students during the fall semester although the application process is year round. We admit approximately 40 students each fall between our day and evening cohorts.

5. I just want to take some social work core classes, is this possible?

No, you would need to be enrolled in the social work program. Courses can only be taken in the order that they are offered for each semester.

6. If I come in as a day student, can I switch to evening?

You would need to contact the Department Chair for the Social Work program and discuss the reasons why you want to switch. The Department Chair will make the final determination.

7. I'm already working as a social worker, but need a BSW, can I just take courses to get my license.

No, you would need to be enrolled in the social work program. Courses can only be taken in the order that they are offered for each semester.

8. Can I do my internship evenings and weekends?

As a rule, students must change their schedules to be available to do their social work internship (practicum) during the day hours. However, schedules may vary depending on the CLC site.

9. Will I get paid doing my internship?

No. (Some exceptions apply.)

10. How many credits do I need to graduate from the social work program?

The core social work program makes up 43 credits of the 120 credits required for graduation. Additionally, students must also complete all GEL requirements in order to graduate. Students are responsible for tracking both their credits and their GELS for timely graduation.

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