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What is the value of studying social work instead of a related field such as sociology, psychology, counseling, or human services?

Social work distinguishes itself through its own body of knowledge, values, and ethics. While graduates of the other fields listed may be employed by social service agencies and perform many of the same functions as social workers, their education and background knowledge are not distinctly that of a social worker.

Social Work education combines knowledge, theory, and field experience in actual practice settings (CSWE), and offers the opportunity to become licensed at the baccalaureate level. Being a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) at this level is a distinct advantage over other disciplines. You become more marketable and gain the possibility of completing a master's degree in social work in just one year!

Title IV-E Multicultural Child Welfare Program

Apply to become a BSW Child Welfare Scholar by applying to our Multicultural Child Welfare Title IV-E Stipend Program. Have you ever thought about working in foster care, adoption or working to keep kids safe in child protection or family preservation? If so, this stipend program can pay you up to $8,800.00 for becoming a Child Welfare Scholar and committing to searching for employment in public child welfare or tribal social services after you graduate. Our scholars receive special child welfare training and education that is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Minnesota’s 87 counties as job readiness training. This experience can offer a great advantage in the job application and interview process. This same stipend program is available at the MSW level in some of our state’s MSW programs providing yet another advantage and opportunity to continue on your preparation for a career in child welfare. For more information about this specialized opportunity, view TITLE IV-E Multicultural Child Welfare Program or email robert.oconnor@metrostate.edu

Beyond the BSW

Graduating from Metropolitan State University’s Social Work Program may earn you Advanced Standing when applying and entering a master’s degree program. Because we are a CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) accredited program, many, if not all, MN MSW programs will allow you to complete your MSW degree in one year (usually two academic semesters and an internship).

The MSW is invaluable when applying for any social work employment, but especially for school social work, supervisory or managerial, program development and academic positions.

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