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If you are interested in changing your community for the better, you may want to consider a minor in civic engagement. Through the minor you will be able to develop a combination of knowledge, skills, and values that will allow you to promote socially responsible daily behavior; community and economic development; community service; and grass-roots activity and advocacy that will benefit you and those around you.

Most specifically, our Civic Engagement Minor will enable you to:

  • Know and understand multiple perspectives on the role of citizens and civic engagement in a democratic society
  • Know the variety of forms of civic engagement and have the ability to assess the efficacy of different approaches and strategies
  • Know critical, social, cultural, political and historical dynamics that underlie the practice of civic engagement from a U.S. and/or global perspective
  • Be able to integrate theory and experience

The minor requires 20 credits of course work.

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Email the College of Individualized Studies or call 651-793-1779.

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