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College of Individualized Studies' Mission Statement

College of Individualized Studies promotes reflection on what it means to be an educated person and encourages students to be lifelong learners who can use diverse learning approaches and settings. The College fosters students' success in their individualized learning goals and challenges students to academic integrity and excellence. We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds and encourage them to build on their previous life, work, and education and to create individualized programs that meet their specific learning goals.

College of Individualized Studies offers quality individualized and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning and the assessment of learning. College of Individualized Studies also facilitates faculty development and teaching improvement throughout the university. Faculty and staff work collaboratively to create a supportive environment that helps students meet their learning goals, with the guiding principle that students should have primary responsibility for and authority over their educational planning and implementation.

Commitment to and Expectations of Students

College of Individualized Studies believes that the educational process is a two-fold commitment. The faculty, administration and staff of College of Individualized Studies have promises to keep in our work with students. In turn, students in College of Individualized Studies have obligations to faculty, staff, and fellow students as they pursue their education. We make these expectations explicit so that College of Individualized Studies and its students can work together in a well-defined, positive relationship.

The faculty and staff of College of Individualized Studies pledge to students:

  • a friendly and supportive, yet challenging, environment in which students can develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes exemplary of an educated person and necessary for life-long learning;
  • teaching that encourages serious inquiry and reflection, focused on the connections between one's learning and responsible citizenship, success in career, and meaningful vocational pursuits;
  • quality teaching and academic advising that respects students' previous learning and life/work experiences and inspires students to high levels of academic excellence;
  • responsible teachers and academic advisors who will provide timely responses to assignments, return phone calls promptly, and make appropriate referrals.


A Message From College of Individualized Studies

College of Individualized Studies is anchored by its guiding principal of granting students the primary responsibility for and authority over their education. We value and embrace the tradition upon which Metropolitan State University was founded - that is, the central importance of involving students in exploring the meaning of what it means to be an educated person.

In the process, students come to fully understand the purpose, meaning and benefit of education creating a life changing experience for them and through them the larger society. It is a tremendous honor for us to be a part of this environment where the powerful legacy of educational innovation and lifelong learning is nurtured at Metropolitan State University. We welcome all students to participate in this transformative educational journey.

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