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Creative Learning Strategies

Metropolitan State encourages students to seek alternatives to traditional classroom learning. In addition to its many courses, Metropolitan State offers the following:


Students can develop innovative and flexible internships to fulfill their personal or professional goals. Internships offer Metropolitan State students the chance to earn credit through hands-on learning at a variety of sites. Students must complete and submit an approved internship agreement form in order to register. Visit the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship website, for more information or assistance, or students may attend an information session offered monthly.

Prior Experiential Learning

The prior learning assessment process is used to evaluate what students have learned in their lives and work as legitimate university learning. The process includes clearly defining what has been learned and having that learning evaluated by a trained faculty evaluator. Students should plan to attend one of the free creative learning strategies information workshops to learn more about how such learning can be documented and evaluated. Students should also consult their advisors to determine how the learning experience would fit into their program of study. Approval forms are available from advisors, the Registration Office or from students' college offices.

Independent Study

Independent study allows students an opportunity to build learning skills indispensable to the workplace and to personal, lifelong development of the mind. Independent study opportunities fall into two categories: faculty-designed, which are designed by faculty and listed in the Class Schedule, and which either parallel classroom courses or cover more specialized subjects; and student-designed, which allow students, with the help of a faculty member who serves as a guide and evaluator, to pursue a unique interest or project. Some independent studies are offered over the Internet.

Internet Study

Internet courses offer students a flexible learning environment that is balanced with structured assignments and due dates, and frequent contact with instructors and fellow students. Most Internet courses at Metropolitan State are offered on the D2L course platform, which enables students to work asynchronously (different times/different places) at their convenience. Students taking Internet courses should have easy access to the Internet, be comfortable browsing the Internet, and have basic word processing and file management skills. Internet courses are identified in the course listing section of this Class Schedule under the heading Internet Study.

Theory Seminars

Theory seminars are shorter than courses and offer students a way to augment prior learning. Theory seminars are designed specifically for students with extensive experience and practical knowledge in a subject, but limited theoretical learning. Metropolitan State offers more than 25 theory seminars ranging from child psychology and interpersonal communication to counseling, political action and management. For more information on specific theory seminars, refer to the Creative Learning Strategies of the Metropolitan State Catalog or the Class Schedule index.

A brochure describing all of Metropolitan State's creative learning strategies can be obtained by calling 651-793-1775.

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