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Independent study allows students an opportunity to build learning skills indispensable to the workplace and to personal, lifelong development of the mind. Independent study opportunities fall into two categories: faculty-designed, which are designed by faculty and listed in the Class Schedule, and which either parallel classroom courses or cover more specialized subjects; and student-designed, which allow students, with the help of a faculty member who serves as a guide and evaluator, to pursue a unique interest or project. Some independent studies are offered over the Internet.

Faculty-designed independent studies (FDISs) often parallel traditional courses, but do not have traditional attendance requirements. Student-designed independent studies (SDISs) are initiated by students and developed in collaboration with a faculty member.

Faculty Designed Independent Study Deadlines (FDIS): FDISs for Spring, Summer and Fall must be completed by the end of the semester for which it is registered. If you choose to register after the start of the semester for an independent study, you will have a shorter amount of time to complete. Grades are now due at the end of the semester.

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