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The Center for Online Learning offers faculty support, resources, and training to promote excellence in online pedagogy and delivery at Metropolitan State University. We offer online courses through an IMS (instructional management system). The system allows you to: 

  • Deliver lecture notes, readings, graphics, audio, and video to your students. 
  • Post and collect homework assignments.
  • Post and grade exams.
  • Create and review class online discussions. 
  • Provide links to other Web resources.
  • Create spaces for online group collaboration.

The system is secure; students can only view the course information and grade materials they are entitled to view.

The Center for Online Learning provides you with a variety of resources and training, including:

  • Teaching Online Institutes to step you through the process of redesigning a course from classroom to online.
  • Workshops, brown bag learning sessions, and customized training to provide you with continual training throughout the year. Please make sure to use the Workshop Registration Form.
  • List of media tools that can be used to enhance classroom instruction and build content for web supplemented, hybrid and totally online courses
  • Support for course Web site development and graduate student support for course maintenance.
  • Payment for training and for course development and maintenance.
  • Policies, procedures, and infrastructure needed to support high-quality online programs and courses, including administration of the instructional management system. 
  • Special responsibilities to ensure that your materials are accessible to all audiences, including students that might have disabilities and students using Web-enabled devices (mobile technologies).
  • Webinar Schedule offered through Library Services

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