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Check out our Current Faculty Workshop Schedule (PDF).

Introduction to Quizzes and Survey tools: What types of quizzes, exams and surveys can be created for you in the IMS (instructional management system) for online classes? What support does the Center for Online Learning provide instructors in creating quiz libraries? What are some security options for online quizzes? This presentation for instructors new to online instruction will provide an overview of quiz tool options and an opportunity to experience taking an online quiz.

Introduction to Online Discussions: How do instructors effectively use and organize the discussion tool for online instruction? What directions do they provide students in their syllabus and how do they grade discussion participation? This hands on training for instructors new to online instruction will provide a quick tour of online discussion forums with a follow-up analysis and review of discussion activity guidelines.

Using the IMS to Support FDIS Courses: This open forum will provide an overview of options available for using the IMS to support faculty-developed independent studies.

Creating Effective Online Discussions: This hands-on training for experienced online instructors will provide samples of discussion guidelines, discussion questions and discussion activities and an opportunity to analyze and share ideas with other instructors on how to effectively use the discussion tool to provide course community and enhance an understanding of course content.

Effective Use of Quiz and Survey tools: This presentation for experienced online instructors will explore options in using quizzes and surveys in online courses. Several samples of well designed quiz questions, and quiz libraries will be presented. An opportunity to discuss and practice creating quiz questions will be provided.

Enhancing Course Content with Internet Resources: What type of learning interactions can be used to engage students and enhance the online learning and teaching experience? This hands-on workshop provides information about student and teacher online resources. You will tour the practice website for students and see samples of simple to use online resources for creating interactive activities and learning objects.

Using LodeStar to Create Learning Objects: LodeStar™ is an eLearning authoring tool. You can choose from a wide variety of templates to create flash cards, slide shows, media rich timelines, and more. You fill in content, and then export activities to your online course. MnSCU has purchased LodeStar licenses for you.

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