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GMAT Alternative related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the GMAT Alternative course?

The GMAT Alternative course (the GMAT On Demand) is available to you through a partnership between Kaplan Test Prep and Metropolitan State.  When you enroll in this GMAT Alternative online course, you will watch all video modules and complete the required practice tests at the end of each module that cover a different skill set tested on the GMAT.  In addition to the video, there are many additional resources available to you, such as homework for each of the modules and quizzes. Plus you will receive online guidance throughout the course about the best way to approach different question types and problems commonly seen on the GMAT. 

Upon completion of all the practice tests, the 9th and final practice test will be used as your official GMAT score when applying to Metropolitan State’s MBA program. 

How long does the GMAT Alternative course take to complete?

It depends on how you’re scoring and where you’re hoping to score. If your preliminary baseline score is close to your goal score, it may only take you a few weeks to watch the modules and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to reach your goal score. If your baseline score is further from your goal score, it may take you longer to complete. You have access to your online resources for three months, and students have completed this program anywhere from 1-3 months.

What is included in the GMAT Alternative course?

  • Comprehensive study materials, including the Kaplan GMAT Course Book, The Official Guide to the GMAT, the Kaplan GMAT Pocket Reference, and over 25 online video-based workshops.  (You do not have to wait for the book to get started on the modules.)
  • The Online Center gives you access to your extensive online GMAT and admissions resources and network with other future MBAs from around the world.
  •  All video-based On-Demand modules.
  • Using Smart Reports, an adaptive learning technology, you will receive personalized recommendations about what to study in order to increase your score.

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What is covered in the 10 video module lessons?

  • Lesson 1: GMAT Quantitative Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Algebra, Arithmetic, & Number Properties
  • Lesson 3: Proportions & Math Formulas
  • Lesson 4: Statistics
  • Lesson 5: Geometry
  • Optional (But Not Required):  Quant Mastery A & B
  • Lesson 6:GMAT Verbal Strategy & Critical Reasoning
  • Lesson 7: Reading Comprehension
  • Lesson 8: Sentence Correction
  • Lesson 9: Analytical Writing
  • Optional (But Not Required): Verbal Mastery
  • Lesson 10: Integrated Reasoning

How do I enroll in this course?

  • COM.GraduatePrograms@metrostate.edu with your name and that you will be enrolling in the GMAT Alternative.
  • To enroll in the GMAT Alternative course, please call 1-800KAPTEST or visit www.kaptest.com selecting GMAT on Demand with promo code: GMATALT.

What is the cost of the GMAT Alternative course and how do I pay?

The discounted cost of the program is $450, and you can pay with a debit or credit card by calling 1-800-KAP-TEST.You will have the option of using installment billing of three equal payments of $150.00. The first payment is due the day you enroll, the second payment is due one month later and the final payment is due two months later. No refunds will be issued after registration.

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Do I need to take all 9 practice tests?

Yes, you are required to take all of the practice tests. You should first take the preliminary diagnostic to get your baseline score to determine how your skills are developing as you move through the course. You are given 3˝ hours to complete each practice test; however, on average, each practice test takes approximately 2–2˝ hours.

What am I required to do in order to complete the course?

We require that you watch each of the 9 On Demand video modules and that you take each of the practice tests.  The 9th and final practice test will be used in lieu of the GMAT.

What do I do once I’ve taken the 9th practice test?

When you’ve completed the 9th practice test, you should send an email to our Kaplan representative, Janet Mitchell, janet.mitchell@kaplan.com, authorizing her to release your score to Metropolitan State University. Please make sure that Shana Von Ruden, shana.vonruden@metrostate.edu, Metropolitan State University is copied on this email.


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Do I need to do the writing section and how is this section scored?

Yes, you do need to complete the writing section. This score will be scored by a certified Kaplan GMAT instructor and will be included in your final score release between 7-10 business days after request.

Do the admissions requirements using official GMAT scores differ from using the GMAT Alternative scores?

No, the MBA Admissions requirements are the same.  View GMAT admission requirement.  -or-

Contact: Shana Von Ruden with questions.

How long will it take to find out my score?

You will see your composite score once you have completed the 9th practice test. Metropolitan State University will receive both your composite and written scores 7-10 business days after the request to release your score.

How long after I email Kaplan will it take for my score to be submitted to Metropolitan State University?

Your score will be submitted within 7 -10 business days, including the score from the writing section. Please keep this in mind when looking at admissions deadlines.


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