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MBA related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What class should I take first?
MGMT 600 - Practical Research Methods for Managers is the required first course for all MBA students.

What prerequisite courses are required?
Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Statistics. The College of Management admissions committe may require prerequisite courses over five years old be taken again prior to full admission. A letter grade of "C" or above must be earned in prerequisite courses.

Do I have to take the GMAT? What are the GMAT score requirements?
The official GMAT (www.mba.com) is required. Scores below 30% (Approximately 480 for quantitative and verbal) are generally considered weak. Applicants with scores below 30% in any of the 3 areas of the GMAT who are otherwise qualified may be required to take preparatory courses as a condition of admission.

The folowing formula is used when making admission decisions:

(undergraduate GPA X 200) + GMAT =1025 or above

If your combined undergraduate GPA and GMAT score do not meet the above criteria you will not be admitted to the MBA program. MBA applicants must meet the 1025 cut-off score in order to be considered by the admissions committee.  However,  a score of 1025 or better does not necessarily guarantee entry into the program.  The committee also evaluates a candidate's work experience, a well executed essay addressing professional goals, and letters of reference.

When am I assigned an advisor?
Faculty advisors are assigned at the time of full admission. Prior to full admission you can contact the graduate program office or the Graduate Program Director for advising help.

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