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[ Past Surveys ]

This is the ninth Metropolitan State Civic Confidence survey since its inception in 1996. The purpose of the survey is to measure attitudes of residents in the seven-county, Twin Cities area toward government services. More than half of Minnesota’s population lives in the region.

The survey focuses on citizens’ views of government services and employees, ethics of elected officials, major issues facing government, the regional economy and community connections. It gives more attention than most public opinion polls to residents’ views of their local government.

Civic Confidendence Survey - Executive Summary, April 2009 (pdf)

Civic Confidence Survey 2009 - Press Release (pdf)

The Metropolitan State Civic Confidence survey is directed by David O’Hara, Associate Professor of Economics (612-659-7260, david.ohara@metrostate.edu), Roger Israel, Professor of Public Administration (612-659-7286, roger.israel@metrostate.edu) and Frank Schweigert, Assistant Professor of Public Administration (612-659-7296, francis.schweigert@metrostate.edu). Copies of the executive summary are available from Shana VonRuden (612-659-7290, shana.vonruden@metrostate.edu).

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