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Management Information Systems, (MIS) is headed up by David Bouchard, professor,  graduate program, David Bahn, associate professor, undergraduate program, and Steve Creason, associate professor, undergraduate program. 

David BouchardDavid BahnSteve CreasonNarasimha Paravastu

The MIS program at Metropolitan State is the leader in MIS education in the region, and is positioned to help prepare students for the future of Information Technology, (IT).  While many fields are having difficulties in the current economic environment, IT's future looks extremely bright.  Not only are at least one third of current IT professionals planning to retire in the next ten years, the field has gone through a re-structuring the early part of this decade and is now poised to be one of the top growth areas for years to come.

Dr. David Bouchard, Coordinator of Graduate MIS programs has watched the field of information systems, IT (information technology) and MIS (management information systems) evolve and change radically in the last twenty-five years.  It has evolved from a back-office function, charged with simply processing high numbers of transactions as quickly and cheaply as possible, to a strategic factor in the success of nearly every organization.  "We are pleased to have been able to not only reflect the many changes in the needs for educating IT professionals in our MIS program curriculum, but have in many ways been able to be ahead of the changes, so that our students complete the program at the cutting edge of their field.

The MIS program is the only truly comprehensive IT program in the region, including Bachelors, Masters and Certificate programs, along with careful integration of programs with two year institutions like Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), and Inver Hill Community College.  The program recognizes the need in all organizations for MIS/IT people with strong skills not only in technology, but in the communications and management functions that go along with being successful in technology.  The MIS program has also been fully involved in the creation of the MnSCU Center of Excellence in Strategic IT and Security (CSITS) housed at Metropolitan State.  

The Graduate Program contains the current Masters in MIS (MMIS) program, and Graduate Certificates in IT Management, and Systems Analysis and Design.  We are in the process of adding a new Information Assurance and Security certificate, and will be announcing a new certificate in Database Management and Administration soon.  The certificate program prepares students for IT management and for management of organizations that have IT and technology as key elements of their strategic plans.  The undergraduate MIS program is a bachelor of science program that prepares students for a variety of positions in IT and general organizations including systems analyst, business analyst, technology and product management, technical project management and many more.

Dr. David Bouchard also emphasizes the importance of MIS Faculty working in the field.  All faculty who teach in the program have strong practical as well as academic credentials and experience.  Dr. Bouchard is an active presenter (and contributor to proceedings) in many venues in the region.  Since December he has given six featured presentations to conferences in the area on topics ranging from Visual Process Analysis, to the use of Video and Web 2.0/3.0 Technologies for Business, to presentations on the Future of IT and Other Technologies.  He has also served for two terms as President of the Faculty of Metropolitan State University, and state of Minnesota Chair of IMS Academic Computing Council for MnSCU.  He will be returning to full time work with the graduate program at the end of this academic year and is looking forward to a number of additional initiatives that will be very exciting for the program. 

The MIS department is also very pleased to have a new Faculty member who is off to a great start.  Dr. Narasimha Paravastu, assistant professor, Management Information Systems joins us from Drexel University.  He has a strong background in database areas and is actively working with us on enhancing MIS offerings in that area.  He has several articles in process for publication and will be presenting at an important national conference shortly.  Please see the articles section of the June 2008 COM Newsletter.

Dr. David Bahn will be returning from a Spring, 2008 sabbatical and will be continuing his leadership on open source issues, which  includes leading an important project for CSITS and the group he co-founded on open source applications called TAOS. 

Dr. Steve Creason, associate professor, management information systems, has been actively involved in the development of our Security and Information Assurance curriculum and has taken a leadership role in the development of the new certificate.  Professor Creason has also been actively pursuing international contacts for the program, as reflected  in his recent trip to Haiti.  From February 14 through February 18, Creason visited Haiti as part of a contingent engaged in developing a technology related educational curriculum in that country.  For more information on this project, see the URL at the end of this publication.

Career Outlook

The Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal, January 25 reports, IT service firms are expected to grow, which will supply the market with more job opportunities in IT.  There is a strong growth in this area with all the technical infrastructures existing in companies. 

So why pursue an MIS degree at Metropolitan State University?   The field is projected to be one of the top ten growing job fields through 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on a research report from one of the top independent IT research companies (Gartner), that IT managers will be in short supply and their salaries are projected to raise well above the national average for the next ten years.  Our professors are practitioners in the field.  These are all important, but the reasons to pursue a career in IT are twofold:   1) because you enjoy being a lifelong learner in a field with exciting possibilities and growth prospects and;  2) because IT provides you with an ever-changing challenge that does not get old. 

These are also reasons why an MIS degree at Metropolitan State University is a highly sought after professional degree that will be very valuable to you for many years to come.  The MIS program prepares you not only to be a leader today, but also shows you how to stay ahead and be a leader for the future.  For further information about the MIS program and the MMIS program in the College of Management, see the following web pages:

Management Information Systems program

Masters of Management Information Systems program

For further information about the Grad Certificate program and the Project Management Certificate program in the College of Management, see the following web pages:

Management Information Systems Certificate 

Project Management Certificate

MMIS Newsletters

To see pictures of Professor Creason's trip to Haiti see: http://faculty.metrostate.edu/CREASOST/mysite4/haiti_site_with_photo_gallary.htm


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