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This minor is highly suitable for students with majors in languages, liberal arts, and business and management fields who are interested in broadening their career opportunities. The program offers a solid background in the ways in which firms operate in the global economy. The courses taken will provide the basic knowledge and skills needed by managers in companies doing business internationally, and will enhance students' employment prospects with  such companies by providing a structured program in International Business theory and practice.. Students who take this minor will be able to increase their knowledge of the global economy, and open up additional career prospects, by:

  • Understanding the theoretical principles and day-to-day practices of international business, and their implications for a firm's various domestic functions
  • Understanding the political, technological, market and other competitive drivers that are pushing international firms to globalize their operations
  • Understanding the U.S. position in world trade and the impact of international political and economic events on the country
  • Recognizing the different management issues associated with a company's stage of development in its international market entry planning, evaluating international business management practices, and designing effective global business strategies
  • Knowing the principles and processes of international business well enough to explore concepts of gender, ethnicity, ethics, and religion, and their relationships to intercultural business transactions
  • Understanding the career tracks and opportunities in the industry

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