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In addition to the Tips for all College of Management Majors, here are a few for the Marketing major:

When planning your Marketing course sequence, refer to the Marketing Tips, Course Planner and other information below.  Business core courses: MKTG 300, MGMT 310, MIS 310, FIN 390, DSCI 434, and MGMT 499 are offered every term with multiple sections. However, not every course is offered in every format at every location.  Upper division "required" courses specific to each major may not be offered every term or offered on a rotating basis. 

Below are some strategies for completing prerequisites and choosing courses that may meet more than one requirement in your degree program. Complete the prerequisites in a timely manner so you are ready to take specific marketing courses when they are offered.

Prerequisite Tips

  • Check Course Descriptions for prerequisites and pass them before taking a course.
  • Marketing Principles (or its equivalent) is the prerequisite for most upper division marketing courses.

Overlap Tips

  • Courses in the Advertising Minor may NOT overlap with those used in a COM major, except for Marketing Principles.
  • Advertising Minor consists of five courses:
    1. MKTG 300 Marketing Principles
    2. MKTG 340 Advertising Practices & Procedures
    3. MKTG 347 Advertising Copywriting (or internship in the course area)
    4. MKTG 348 Advertising Design & Production (or internship in the course area)
    5. MKTG 442 Advertising Campaign Planning & Mgmt
  • All lower division Business Foundation courses, EXCEPT ACCT 210, can be used to fulfill GELS requirements.  Only upper-division MKTG 480 can overlap with a GELS requirement.

Links for More Information

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